Yabaseo's Local SEO services

Local SEO for Cannabusinesses, Headshops, and Dispensaries

Local SEO helps the local cannabusiness connect with potential customers when they’re on the go, at their desktop, or in the neighborhood. For a local business owner local SEO is what the yellow pages were in the 1900s. Wow, the 1900s.

Local SEO goes beyond just setting up accounts. It stems from your website, code, social signals, citations, reviews, and a lot more. With so many new shops, dispensaries, and facilities opening up this is where many businesses should start their efforts.

Local SEO Optimization

What you get:

  • Set up & optmization of local accounts
  • Ongoing optimization, management & consultation
  • Continuous build out and maintenance of other properties
  • Website code to help local signals
  • Social optimization, citations, and synchronization

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