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Digital Marketing Services Tailored to the Needs of Cannabusinesses

Digital marketing is a dynamic process, so our services are designed to inform and support each other. We’ll help you solve immediate problems and set priorities while building a comprehensive marketing program specifically tailored for your long-term success. All so you can better connect with customers and grow your cannabusiness.

Our Core Services


Relevant SEO is essential to generating the traffic and awareness necessary to gain a foothold in this growing industry. We are seeing a land grab for rankings going on, and companies must act now to create their niche and build a lucrative future.


Web analytics helps identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities while building a roadmap for success. Analytics is your strongest asset because it gives you the ability to adapt to changes in the market, new technology, and the shifting needs of your customers – something no other media can match.

Website Design

Many cannabusinesses rely on antiquated Internet marketing methods such as directories and “finder sites.” While these are useful supplements for generating interest, they are not scalable or sustainable. A quality website under your own control should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.


Connect and engage with your customers through great content. This industry is open to many interpretations and perspectives, and creating and sharing your message will help build your audience and broaden your appeal.

Social Media

Cannabusinesses need to be social. Your customers are social, and your social media engagement will keep you in the conversation.  It also helps keep your customers engaged with your brand and up to speed about the many changes occurring across the industry.

Paid Advertising/PPC

It’s tough to buy traffic right now. Our industry is changing fast and most advertisers are either unable or unwilling to update their terms and conditions to accommodate your business. But there are still steps you can take if you’re informed and aware. We can help you make the right call for your needs.